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“Instead of seeing government as a partner we fear, I think we should see them as a partner we welcome.” Peter Drucker

About Us

DOR is a nonpartisan non-profit founded out of concern for the current state of the country and the dire circumstances that will be passed on to future generations if the current issues aren’t fixed. The rationale for creating DOR was based upon three primary issues: 1) the unsustainable debt; 2) the lack of effective action from government; and 3) the realization that was no remedy in sight, either near term or long term, because of excess influence in Washington. Not only was the situation not improving, but Citizens United ensures continued decline. DOR was formed to provide a platform for citizens to unite to help shape and enact a comprehensive solution to these problems. 

Most media reports and political discussions focus on the many symptoms of ineffective government. While it is critically important to examine the symptoms, the problems can only be fixed by understanding, and solving, the causes.  DOR is a unique solution that looks past individual symptoms and focuses steadfastly on the causes. DOR doesn’t promote policy-specific or party-specific positions, it simply identifies the causes of government ineffectiveness, regardless of where they occur, and provides a pragmatic solution for each cause. DOR believes that effective policymaking will be restored when government officials are not saddled with special interest obligations and are free to unreservedly represent the citizens that elected them. Although the problems appear insurmountable, DOR can succeed in solving them if citizens use DOR as a platform to make their voice heard.

DOR was created from individuals with no political party ties or political ambitions – it was created purely with the intent of solving the current issues and creating a better future for our country. The approach and content were developed with input from a variety of backgrounds including business, union, and academics and spanning all political party preferences. Although the initial DOR content and approach were necessarily developed with input from a finite set of contributors, the intent is for the solution to be refined through public feedback (hence the comment buttons on the website). The goal is for the participating community to help shape and share ownership of the solution. The majority of the constructive user comments received to date have helped improve the solution.

We request that those who believe in what DOR proposes to help by:

    1) Help spread the word by referring others to

    2) Help refine the solution through comments

    3) Help move the initiative forward by electronically signing the DOR laws

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A non-profit, non-partisan organization uniting citizens for common-sense reform.